Information for organizers:

We are very lucky that you are interested to invite our group to your action. If you want to order our group phone to the number: +420 774 929 520 or write an E-mail: or If you conclude a contract with our group ( verbally or in written form), you have to ensure these things:

  • covered perform stage (for the action outside with dust-free floor at least 3x6 m)
  • parking for one van
  • table and chairs for 6 group members (on stage or nearby) + refreshment

We can play also in smaller spaces (without or with our soundman). The price list of the soundman is separated of the group price list. He needs the electric 220 V or 380 V, (wall) socket 16 or 32A till 10m from the stage.

Posters (for public actions):

The poster manufactures and promotes the organizer alone. It can be used our photos or logo that you find in our Web.

For download:

Price of production:

The price of production sets after agreement with the group manager. Organizer settled price of entrance on action does not influence the agreed price of production.

The promoter is responsible for ensuring the safety of tangible assets and persons and is also responsible for undisciplined attendants and mainly for their break to stage and damage of musical instruments and other equipment of the group. The organizer covers all these costs in full amount.

Cancellation of an agreed action:

  • agreed action is possible to cancel 30 days before the agreed term. – without any penalty
  • in a shorter time (to 30 days) in the fee 50 % of the arranged price
  • in case of cancellation in the same day, the organizer covers 100% of agreed price
  • if this happen on the place of performance, the organizer covers also travel costs