Cimballica - Filip Prechtl

Filip Prechtl – Violin

In childhood Filip visited the music school in Kyjov. Since 2000, he studied the Conservatoire in Brno in the class of Jiri Novotny, which he successfully finished in 2006. In the same year he passed the entrance exam to the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno. He studied in the class of Pavel Wallinger. In 2011, he graduated and became the MgA university degree.


Cimballica - Alena Řeháková

Alena Řeháková - Violin

She began to play violin in her nine years at the Music School in Týniště Orlicí by Ms. Jana Kupková. Later she studied at the Conservatory in Brno by Paul Kyncl and than in České Budějovice by Jan Drha. She is currently studying the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno in the class of Bohuslav Matousek in Brno. She has successfully participated to several competitions (winner the competition ‘Joseph Muzika’ in New Paka, than the winner the competition of conservatories in Teplice, in the duet competition in Chrast by Chrudim…). She also regularly participates to international violin courses in the Czech Republic and in foreign countries - in the U.S. by famous teachers (Václav Hudeček, Jana Vonášková – Nováková, Milan Vítek, Jindřich Pazdera).


Cimballica - Jaroslav Vlasák

Jaroslav Vlasák - viola

Studoval konzervatoř v Brně, v současné době je stále studentem ( obor Informační systémy, VUT ).


Cimballica - Alena Tokarová

Alena Tokarová - violoncello

She gained her first musical education at the Music School in Broumov, where he started to learn singing. In eight years, she began with playing the cello by the teacher Anna Vrbová at the Music School in Nove Mesto nad Metují. Accept Cello she attended the solo and choral singing. In 2002 she successfully passed the talent test to PJ Vejvanovský Conservatory in Kroměříž and she has studied there 6 years cello by MgA Rudolf Mrazík. In 2008 she became a graduate of this school. Since 2008 she has studied the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts under the leadership of Joseph Podhoranského. In 2011 there received a bachelor's degree and in 2013 she graduated the master degree.


Cimballica - Barbora Jagošová

Barbora Jagošová - dulcimer

She began to play dulcimer in 12 years by Mrs. Magdalena Múčková in Music School in Veselí nad Moravou. Now she visits the 4 year in Conservatoire in Brno. She won the second award on the national competition of dulcimer players in Kyjov.


Cimballica - Miroslav Tomeček

Miroslav Tomeček - doublebass

He started as violinist at art school in Veselí nad Moravou. Doublebass play he started to study at the conservatory school in Kroměříž. He studies at JAMU in Brno.


Cimballica - Marek Osička

Marek Osička – contrabass [Alteration]

In childhood he learned to play violin, piano and singing in Music School in Velké Bílovice and after that he began to play contrabass by Jiří Otčenášek in Břeclav. Now he studies the last year in Conservatory in Brno. He won the second award on the competition in Liberec.